About Hemp

About Hemp

One Industrious Plant to Help you Find Your Zen

So many are amazed by that little industrious plant known as Hemp, but the truth is it’s woven its resilient, durable stalks throughout the tapestry of this planet’s history. You wouldn’t believe what it can do! It plays a critical role in the manufacturing of everything from medicine to fabric, paper to biofuel, food to building materials and more. It’s been revered and banned, traded as a form of currency, utilized for its medicinal properties for everyone from ancient royalty to the modern man. Hemp was even used to make the paper on which The Declaration of Independence was written. The entire plant, from stalk to seed, can be used for a multitude of purposes. It requires limited pesticides, thrives in a variety of environments, grows more vigorously than corn and needs less water. Hemp...oh, amazing hemp.

In fact, during the 1700’s, New York’s hemp capital was Hempstead, which also happens to be the home of Hempstead Gold Extracts.

CBD oil extracted from Hemp leaves and flowers, has been gaining rapid popularity due to the possible health benefits people are reporting!

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