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This Journey is Only Just Beginning


Our journey started simple. We were seeking a natural product to relieve chronic pain and restore balance of mind and body. Or at least it sounded simple when we started. When we finally came across CBD and realized the powerful benefits it offered, we knew the journey had only just begun. We knew we had to share it with the world. And that’s when we became Hempstead Gold Extracts.

Born and raised in Long, Island, New York, Hempstead Gold Extracts began when we, Co-Founders Christopher and Frank Marzano, wanted a natural alternative to prescription pain meds. We were simply fed up with all the nasty side effects that come with prescription meds. And most of the time they aren’t even that effective. We knew one thing for sure, they weren’t healing. They were only hiding the underlying problem.

When we found out about CBD and that it was known to relieve chronic symptoms while actually targeting the source of the issue, we were finally hopeful. A real product with real results. We turned to the wisdom of our ancestors. We turned to cannabidiol (CBD) extract.

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