How & Where Our Product Is Made?

How & Where Our Product Is Made?

Farmed in Colorado, Hempstead Gold Extracts’ CBD comes from NON-GMO, organically grown, male agriculture hemp stocks and stems, derived from the raw product and 99% pure. The hemp then undergoes supercritical CO2 extraction in order to organically isolate the CBD from the plant. All of our products are fully legal, farmed and produced according to the United States Law. Our 100% natural CBD is certified, grown and harvested in the USA under strict supervision and grown through natural farming practices.

Holding true to our belief that transparency is the basis of good, ethical business; we included our Certificates of Analysis (COA) so that you, our much appreciated customers, can feel secure and know that when you’re buying Hempstead Gold Extract’s, you’re getting a high-quality, pure product

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