How Our Product Differs From Competition

How Our Product Differs From Competition

At Hempstead Gold Extracts we believe that if we can improve people’s lives, we can improve the world in which we live.

Hempstead Gold Extracts stands out in the growing real of CBD entrepreneurs because we are a family owned and operated business. We originally created these products to heal ourselves. After experiencing the power of their effects, we knew we had to share them with the world.

We are on this journey because we care. We understand through first hand experience how frustrating it is to have to rely on prescription medications that don’t heal, but only hide symptoms of a larger problem. CBD gave us freedom from the cage of chronic illness, improved the quality of our everyday lives and restored our sense of balance and well-being. We want to bestow the same blessings on others who struggle with similar issues.

The best part about Hempstead Gold Extracts is that our products are just as pure as our intentions. We use high quality, proprietary blends of CBD products that come from NON-GMO, organically grown, male agriculture hemp stocks and stems, derived from the raw product and 99% pure. The hemp then undergoes supercritical CO2 extraction in order to organically isolate the CBD from the plant. All of our products are fully legal, farmed and produced according to the United States Law. Our 100% natural CBD is certified, grown and harvested in the USA under strict supervision and grown through natural farming practices.

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