Success Stories

Success Stories

Finding your CBD Sweet Spot

One Client’s Journey and How she Created a CBD Protocol to Support her Specific Needs

Hempstead Gold Extracts wants to share one client’s path to creating her own CBD protocol so you can get a better understanding of how to use the products and create your own regimen.

Jill uses CBD to combat her chronic anxiety. While she utilizes a variety of tools to handle her ailment such a meditation, talk therapy and exercise, she also needed something that provides consistent support while feeding any possible deficiencies in her body that may be lending to her persistent worrying and fears.

After researching possible solutions, she decided that CBD was the safest and most beneficial answer, for both her body and mind. She also knew that she’d have to make it a consistent part of her regimen because while some effects may be felt immediately, consistent use would feed the areas of her body that needed the most support, building them up and making them stronger over time. Since CBD enters the body and plugs into those receptors that need it the most, there could be other areas (aside from the ailments you’re trying to target) that are also in need of nourishment. Additionally, complete nourishment doesn’t happen after only one dose. If you’ve been damaging your system for years with toxic environments, poor eating, pesticides, electromagnetic fields, smoking, drinking or just plain old stress--the chances are that you will need a regular serving of CBD over a period of 2-4 weeks before feeling the results.

Jill decided to start with the softgels. After doing some research and speaking with some other CBD users, she started taking one softgel in the morning, when her anxiety is at its worst and one at bedtime. After monitoring her response, she decided to raise the morning dose to two softgels. While most days, this serving does the trick, Jill found that when her anxiety was at its worst, she could supplement her daily regimen with a gummy or a dropperful of our tincture for fast, on the spot relief. Her favorite fast acting choice is the CBD gummies. For her, personally, they work magic in what feels like only moments. But she knows other people who claim the same results from the tincture. It’s all about how the product works on a particular person.

Today, not only did her anxiety significantly decrease, allowing her to live a fuller, more relaxed life, but she also notices she focuses better at work, has less back pain and needs less make up on her naturally nourished skin.

“CBD is more effective than prescription anti-anxiety meds. It calms my mind and body without making me feel groggy. The best part is that with consistent use, I rarely get panic attacks. Plus, it comes in a variety of forms, making it easy for me to get the type of relief I need, when I need it.” -Jill H.

"I live with Arthritis pain, its constant pain. Before I tried CBD products from HGECBD I was taking 3-6 prescription meds everyday to try and fight the pain. It took a little time, however I am finally off all those nasty meds, and I mainly use CBD products.I sleep better, my pain is much more manageable now. I highly recommend not only CBD, but I also recommend buying from"  -Josh K.

"CBD ha really changed my life. I had sever sleep issues. I could NEVER get a full nights sleep. Always waking up feeling like I did not sleep at all.I started taking CBD because I have been hearing all about it. It really changed my sleeping habits, big time! I now sleep the whole night, and I really never wake up feeling tired and exhausted. I use the 1000mg Tincture, as well as gummies when I need to relax more mid day. I don’t like taking a lot of prescription meds, and the one that I was on for sleeping had crazy side effects. I am very happy to have found these products!" -William R.

"I crushed my knee about 5 years ago. Had to have some pretty heavy surgeries to correct my knee cap. Since then I have had nothing but problems with my knee, and really even my other knee. Particularly after I walk and work out, my knees would kill me.I was taking pain meds for some time, and yeah OK they help but not enough and the side effects were really getting to me. I came across an ad for CBD and decided to try this company out. In my experience this is the best medicine I take. It really helps calm my knee pain down. I take CBD everyday, in soft gel form they are easy to take and zero side effects. I am VERY happy to have found this product, and HGECBD"  -Ashley P.

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